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ANUGA Fair 2019: more pleasurable experiences with a new booth and new products

ANUGA, the world’s largest international trade fair for food and drink, took place in Cologne at the beginning of October 2019. As the European market leader in dairy products, we certainly didn’t want to miss out. 
This year, we welcomed all guests and visitors to our new stall, which shone with its modern design. The slightly slanted asymmetrical roof really caught everyone’s eye. But it was the lighting concept that made it special, splitting our booth space into a light and dark area. The light area presented our GAZİ specialities to the world, with the message ‘Discover freshness’. In the cool zone, which was prominently integrated into the exhibition wall, visitors were given an overview of our products. In the dark area we staged our grill cheese specialities for the world to see with the slogan ‘Spark the fire’.
We managed to create a particularly special effect with the ‘Green Wall’, which was covered in fresh herbs. After all, it’s their fresh and natural flavour that makes our products stand out. We’re right on trend with product innovations. In addition to our popular classics like soft cheese, yogurt, unique Kashkaval and pre-existing lactose-free products, we presented more delicious GAZİ specialities, which are now available to buy. 
- GAZİ ‘Winter Pleasure’: the first GAZİ grill and pan cheese to season and dip to your own tastes. Conjure up a delicious snack or a special dessert with a fruity plum dip or a wintery spice mix. Only available during the winter.
- GAZİ Kaşarcık: children in particular will love the mild taste of this semi-hard cheese. Also hidden in every pack are fun animal figures, such as butterflies, dolphins, rabbits and so on, to make sure you have even more fun.

- GAZİ Feta (150 g and 300 g): made with pure sheep’s milk. It’s unique aromatic flavour is sure to get your mouth watering. Just in time for the colder months, GAZİ Feta is now available for you to enjoy fresh from the oven.
- GAZİ Kaymak Nature and Ballı: available plain or with honey. 
These dairy products are made from 100% cow’s milk. GAZİ Kaymak is perfect as a side for desserts, as a spread or to refine sauces. GAZİ Ballı Kaymak works particularly well as a sweet breakfast spread.

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