Organic Grill and Pan Cheese

Natural, 160 g

  • Naturally, it’s natural! Our GAZi Organic Grill and Pan Cheese Natural with 43% fat i.d.m. is made from 100 % organic ingredients. Its unique consistency means it can be prepared in a variety of ways because it does not melt when it is heated. No matter whether you grill it, fry it or bake it, GAZi Organic Grill and Pan Cheese Natural with 43% fat i.d.m. and real cheese flavour can be paired with fresh organic vegetables (seasonal ones, if you like), aromatic organic spices or an array of dips – whatever takes your fancy. It's a delicious vegetarian alternative to meat, and not just in the grilling season.

    Free from colouring and preservatives, this cow’s milk cheese is perfect for health-conscious cooks. Consumers who are particularly environmentally conscious will see the environmentally friendly packaging as an important factor. It contains 25 % grass fibres, meaning it saves 250 kg of CO2 and 3,000 litres of water per tonne of grass fibre cardboard, compared to cardboard made with wood.

    GAZi Organic Grill and Pan Cheese Natural with 43 % fat i.d.m. is in 2 portions practically packed in a box, and is also available in the popular ‘Mediterranean Herbs’ variant.

    Nutritional values

      per 100 g per 30 g *RI
    Calorific value kJ 1342 402,6  
    Calorific value kcal 323 96,9  
    Fat (g) 25 7,5 36 %
    of which saturated fatty acids (g) 17 5,1 85 %
    Carbohydrates (g) 1,0 0,3 <1 %
    of which sugar (g) 1,0 0,3 <1 %
    Protein (g) 24 7,2 47 %
    Salt (g) 2,8 0,84 46 %
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