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Chilli grilling cheese on green roasted asparagus with aioli and chervil

Difficulty Level

ingredients for 4 portions

  • Preparation

    1. Wash the green asparagus, peel the lower part and cut both ends. Spice up the asparagus with salt, pepper and sugar and let it steep for five minutes.

    2. Meanwhile peel the garlic and cut it into fine slices. Heat up the oil in a sauté pan and let the garlic slices brown a little bit. After that deglaze it with Noilly Prat and citrus juice, fill up with milk and let it boil up. Spice up with salt, cayenne pepper and mustard, decant it into a shaker and let it cool off.

    3.Spice up the GAZİ grill- and pan cheese with salt and pepper. Heat up the olive oil in a second pan and let the spiced asparagus roast till it´s well done.

  • 12 sticks green asparagus
    Pepper from the mill
    2 Cloves of garlic
    1 TS Olive oil
    4 cl Noilly Prat (Vermouthwine)
    1 TS citrus juice
    100 ml GAZİ Milk
    1 TS Mustard
    2 pkg. GAZİ Grill and Pan Cheese
    1 tbsp. olive oil for roasting
    200 g sunflower oil
    1 bunch chervil

    4. For the aioli, mix the garlic milk with an immersion blender and add the sunflower oil slowly. Mix it as long as a smooth consistence achieved.

    5. Dress the asparagus and the grill cheese on a plate, pour the aioli over the asparagus and the grill cheese, and garnish it with fresh chervil.

    TIP: Mustard is an emulsifier for aioli and necessary. Add the oil bit by bit under permanently mixing with an immersion blender.

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