‘GAZİ is a brand that takes social
responsibility seriously – that suits me.’ 

Mario Gomez,
GAZİ brand ambassador

GAZİ – engagement in sports

Quality and sustained success are not accidents. They're the result of many individual factors: Motivation, a high readiness to perform, concentration and stamina are needed to reach these goals. That holds for a company as well as for competitive sports. To express this company philosophy and also give athletes and sports clubs a basis for achieving success, GAZİ has supported professional sports for many years.


GAZİ became a partner of the Bundesliga football club VfB Stuttgart at the start of the 2010/2011 season. As main sponsor, the company's GAZİ brand was centre stage on the team shirt in the first two years.

The sponsorship of VfB Stuttgart is both an affair of the heart for the founder and chairman of garmo AG, Dr. Eduardo Garcia, and a logical alliance between two partners who are at once internationally active and deeply rooted in the region. Among the professionals of VfB Stuttgart we find players from around the globe teamed with wonderful products of the club's youth system conveyor belt, without which the German national team would be unable to call on the services of several players. This togetherness, this inclusive force is an outstanding asset to the GAZİ brand.



GAZİ has been supporting the football team Stuttgarter Kickers for more than 16 years; for 10 of those years, it has been the main sponsor of this long-standing German club. The Stuttgarter Kickers and garmo AG („GAZİ”) have decided to further extend their successful partnership. With effect from the 2016/2017 season, the Stuttgarters will be a premium partner. The rights to the official name of the Kickers' stadium - „GAZİ-Stadion auf der Waldau” - have also been acquired and it will continue to bear this name.

GAZİ will remain the exclusive sponsor of the Kickers’ youth team, thus providing support for the future of the club and to upcoming talented youngsters. Winning may be one of the main motivating factors in sport, but being able to join a club can mean so much more. It helps young people integrate in society and promotes their social skills and their ability to work as part of a team. It is for this reason that GAZİ acts as a patron to youth sport and popular sports. The result is evident every weekend on the sports grounds in the state of Baden-Württemberg - the organisation now supports more than 500 amateur football clubs and part-time sports teams.

GAZİ & Boxing

While the main effort of GAZİ's sport sponsoring activities is football, the company is also active in boxing. Successful boxers like Firat Arslan, Avni Yildirim, Sinan Samil Sam and Juan Carlos Gomez carry the Stuttgart company's logo in the ring.

GAZİ is now active in women's boxing, too, and sponsors Sahin Oezlem. The boxing stable Arena Sports-Promotion, with many well-known boxers, is also supported by GAZİ.


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